Turkey Hill Experience Coupons

Turkey Hill Experience CouponsHave you ever wondered how ice cream is made, or wanted to make your own? With Turkey Hill Experience coupons you can do just that — learn how ice cream is made by making it yourself. At Turkey Hill, there are nine interactive exhibits that teach about dairy culture, the history of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how its ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and produced.

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Located in Columbia, Pennsylvania, this is a great family adventure everyone will enjoy. Highlighting Lancaster County’s history and culture, some of the exhibits feature the rural farming area surrounding the dairy and the Susquehanna River Valley. With your Turkey Hill experience coupons, you truly will have an experience to remember.

When you use your Turkey Hill Experience coupons, you have the opportunity to delve right in to the ice cream tub. There are three special exhibits that allow you to one, create your own ice cream flavor. Two, create the packaging for your newly invented ice cream flavor. And lastly, create a television commercial to promote your work. What a great opportunity to let kids learn hands on what it takes to make and sell a product.

This 26,000 square foot attraction lets you virtually produce the things listed above, along with several other attractions the family will love. When printing your Turkey Hill experience coupons, you might also want to look into finding other online printable coupons. On our site, you will be able to find dining coupons and other random coupons to help you save. With all the exhibits, the gift shop, and restaurant the costs can add up quickly, so you will want to be sure to save every way possible.

When visiting and using your Turkey Hill experience coupons, you also get to smell the aroma of all the most popular teas from around the world inside the tearoom. Iced tea is Lancaster’s favorite beverage and they want to give everyone the opportunity to discover which flavor matches your personality. With beverage coupons you can find on our site, you will also have the opportunity to save on another one of the dairy’s products.

Whether you are just taking an only child, or have a whole group of people in your party, you can really save on a great hand-on experience when you use Turkey Hill Experience coupons. It is a great learning opportunity for the kids and something everyone can get excited about because it involves ice cream and iced tea. What isn’t to love about that?

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