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Northwest Trek CouponsIf you love the outdoors and you love animals, you will be in for a treat when you visit Northwest Trek in Eatonville, Washington. This wildlife park lets you get up close and personal with over 200 different animals that are native to the Canada and the United States Pacific Northwest regions. With Northwest Trek coupons, you can enjoy all that the great outdoors have to offer, with a chance of encountering a number of animals.

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The Northwest Trek is known for its tram tour that takes you into the deep meadows and woods, where herds of bison, mountain goats, elk, big horn sheep, and more roam freely. On the tram ride you travel for 50 minutes through 435 acres of land where you can scout for animals and learn interesting facts from a trained zoologist. Northwest Trek coupons will allow you to receive an awesome educational experience both you and the kids can enjoy.

Not only can you ride the tram through the park with your Northwest Trek coupons, but there is also a wooded walking path where you can stroll through and see a number of exhibits. The exhibits include the following animals: grizzly bears, bobcats, eagles, wolves, and other animals native to the areas.

Once you have explored both of these attractions, there is an additional 5 miles of natural trails you are able to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Northwest. The mission of this park is to conserve, educate and recreate by displaying, researching, and interpreting wildlife native to the northwest and their natural surroundings. What a great opportunity to take part in when you use your Northwest Trek coupons.

For a trip like this, you might need a few supplies to help you enjoy your experience more. For example, you might want to use your sporting goods coupons to invest in a pair of binoculars that will help you see the wildlife in action up close. Also, you can use coupons to stock up on granola bars and trail mix that will keep you happy throughout your hiking. Just remember not to feed the animals! You will be amazed at how much you can save by using coupons to purchase these items, along with using your Northwest Trek coupons.

Next time you are in the Tacoma, Washington area, be sure to stop by and visit the Northwest Trek. You will be astonished at all wildlife encounters possible when using your Northwest Trek coupons. Be sure to check for other tourist coupons you may want to use while in the area as well.

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